Opera Accelerator 2019

"The opportunity to be seen in action, that's what talent needs."

Karina Novikova, Stage director/founder

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Opera Accelerator unlike opera workshops or masterclasses aims to release a fully staged performance. Naturally, rehearsals with the director are the most important part of the program. We aim to play according to the standard rules of international theaters, so every soloist is expected to come singing the score off page. Professional acting, understanding of concept and genre is the core of the process. Music rehearsals with the conductor aims for musical perfection as well as interpreting the music in accordance with the stage action, thus potentially giving voice new colors. Our team is well aware of the demanding tasks modern opera directors (Barrie Kosky, Romeo Castellucci, Robert Wilson, Andreas Homoki, Damiano Michieletto…) sets to an opera singer and we will invite to explore the boundaries together.



As mentioned above, Opera Accelerator aims to provide an experience of a production and treats our participants as professional singers, rather than providing a further education in form of a masterclass. Though every morning our participants are offered a yoga or a dance class led by Eglė Kalibataitė. Movements generated during the workshops are later incorporated in the final performance. For example, in Opera Accelerator 2018 participants created choreography for "Cosi fan tutte" overture and for “Don Giovanni” one, in 2019. Vocal coaching is incorporated into the rehearsals where our conductor Vladimir Konstantinov is giving feedback and working on the interpretation of a piece.


free time

Summer is a gorgeous time in Lithuania, when no one rushes inside until late. As our experience tells, that after a long day in the rehearsal room, there is nothing better, than to sit in the garden with a glass of wine. Regular screenings of the newest opera productions are organized with discussions following afterwards.

For a more active pastime, renting a bike and exploring nearby villages and the coast line may be facilitated. Forest paths is a perfect place for those who like jogging or hiking. Taking a dip in the lagoon is perfectly fine, too as outdoor swimming is something locals enjoy a lot. Another option to enjoy the water is SUP board.


Get on stage and do what you do best.

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Application and practicalities

We have just ended Opera Accelerator 2019. The application process and applications for the year 2020 will start soon. In order to be the first to find out the news, fill in the form here.

The program is created for young opera singers, but if you are a director, pianist, choreographer, set designer etc., don’t hesitate to contact us, as there may be opportunities for you to participate in the program.


Ready to participate


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