Kintai residency

Kintai Arts residency

Opera Accelerator is a part of Kintai arts residency. In 2018 it has hosted the firs opera program as well as many other unique projects and artists. Set in a small town on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon it creates an isolated environment for artists to dedicate all their time for their work. Several rehearsal spaces and performance venues are freely accessible 24/7. 

Kintai music festival

A unique personal initiative of Audronė Juodeškienė, arts patron and producer, sets this festival apart by presenting a vast scope of high quality music. In Kintai music festival one can indulge in Baroque compositions as well as world premieres of living composers. Opera Accelerator is being honored by opportunity presented a staged performace here in 2019.

kintu marios.jpg


Kintai is set in a most peaceful and tranquil spot of nature. It takes just five minutes to cross the pine wood forest and the coast of the lagoon is there. One can indulge in swimming, bird watching, kite surfing or just gazing at the sunset. On the other shore is a popular touristic attraction Nida where one can dip into the Baltic sea or explore huge natural sand formations - dunes.


Kintai history starts in the 16th century. This peace of land was part of Eastern Prussia, became Lithuanian and then occupied by the Soviet Union. A complex history of the region can be explored in the local museum primarily dedicated to a famous Lithuanian figure Vydūnas.