Q. what opera are you going to stage this year?

A. This decision will be made after we will receive all the applications and the participants will be selected. Opera Accelerator aims to give everyone equal spot light and rehearsal time, so two one act operas or even opera scenes might be considered. But it is important to notice that the choice of the opera/-s will not affect the selection process, so every type of voice will have an equal opportunity to be selected for Opera Accelerator 2019.


Q. is there an age limit to apply?

A. The program is aimed at recent university graduates or professional opera singers at the begining of their careers, but there is no age limit set.


Q. Will I get to perform with an orchestra?

A. Opera Accelerator is aiming to give maximum attention to every participant and thus chose to perform the final production with the pianist. Rehearsals with the orchestra would be a time consuming process and one could not expect conductor to be so engaged with the singers. Performances with the orchestra and a rehearsal period of at least a month is in the future plans of the Opera Accelerator.


Q. Where should I transfer the payment?

A. After a successful selection process every participant will receive an email with the payment details. 


Q. Is accommodation included in the fee?

A. Yes, all the workshops, shared accommodation and three meals a day are included in the fee.


Q. Will it be possible to get vegan meals in kintai?

A. Yes, all the dietary requirements will be met. Alternatively, there are several restaurants and cafes in Kintai, as well as supermarket and self catering facilities.