Opera Accelerator 2019

Determined to fast forward careers of  young opera professionals.



We believe, that opportunities to work and be seen is what talented artists need most in the competitive opera world. Opera Accelerator strives to provide young artist with a professional, international credit, as well as with the highest level of artistic experience.



We aim to help bridging the gap between university and a successful career in an opera theatre. Opera Accelerator focuses on work experience rather than education, as well as providing our participants with media support: coverage on our website, portfolio pictures and publicity. Creating a fully staged opera performance means working with a director and choreographer, thus giving an opportunity to explore physical abilities and putting ones voice under the "real" conditions. Facilitating a safe environment for young opera singers, while still aiming for the highest artistic quality is what makes Opera Accelerator unique.


To provide young opera singer with a work experience in a fully staged opera production.


Intense schedule of rehearsals and workshops will offer a broad choice of individual focus.


Every participant will be provided with the professional production pictures for their portfolio as well as coverage on our website.


International opera arena is a place full of familiar faces and Opera Accelerator is aiming to bring future colleagues together today.


Find yourself together with like-minded opera creators.



We have started in the summer of 2018 under the different name of "Opera Incubator". Seven young opera singers and an opera répétiteur took part in the program which lasted one week. A fantastic collaborative atmosphere allowed us to work at the enormous pace - a concert, open rehearsal and a performance were presented to Kintai community and it's guests. We have worked on the Italian opera scenes selected by the performers or suggested by our conductor Vladimir Konstantinov. Everyone had up to three scenes to perform in as a singing main character, as well as silent parts of in the scenes chosen by the coleagues. Our program has received a positive feedback from our hosts Kintai Arts Residency and we were invited to come there in 2019. You can find more about every participant here.


In 2018 Opera Accelerator was warmly welcomed by local audiences and its quality was praised by opera professionals and participants alike. In 2019 Opera Accelerator is going international and twice as big. We are going to spend two weeks in Kintai instead of one and will accommodate more participants, too. Growth of Opera Accelerator goes hand in hand with the expansion and successful programing of Kintai arts residency.


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